Bons Obiadi


This work studied the Re-birth of Traditional Architecture in Nigeria, the coming back of traditional building materials, the use of clay/laterite soil (in mud building), plant leaves and recycled products, used hundreds of years ago, resurfacing because of poverty and bad government housing policies. The aim is to identify, how bad government housing policies have jeopardized housing delivery systems in the country and affecting poor citizens especially, those migrating from rural to urban areas in search of greener pastures, who live in quick-fix homes built with local and natural materials because they could not afford high and expensive renting prices within the city proper. The rush to urban areas resulted in urbanism and urbanization, which is a natural phenomenon. To achieve this, 255 questionnaires were designed and randomly given out to the poor people in Abuja, Enugu and Lagos, to generate data used. It adopted quantitative research methods that embraced, survey, archival and observational methods. The result showed that poverty and bad government policies have given impetus, to the rebirth of our traditional building materials although, strengthened by modern day technology. The findings were emphasized to justify the need for a changed government housing policies in the country and to start addressing the housing needs of the poor citizens, promote the use of clay soil/laterite products in a more scientific ways and discourage quick-fix housing provisions as practiced in the urban poor communities. The study, therefore recommends that the players in the built environment should work together for the interest of the deprived urban poor in search of a better living.     

Keywords: bricks, clay soil, cement, urbanism, urbanization, hydraform block, poverty, housing

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