O E Abamwa


Pottery has been used as a means of identification of a people. It has also stood as instrument of cultural recording of events through the ages. More also, its decorative aspects has been highly cherished and admired. It has also salvage the African continent so much when one talks about it utility. Apart from it economic advantage, it has been an avenue to show for the skills of plagues that serve as architectural embellishment. Although, pottery as interior decoration in private home has been well established and investigated. This study therefore looks at the usage of pottery in public places; such as banks, hospitals, administrative blocks, civil hall and hotels. Ten (10) hotels were randomly sampled in Warn Metropolis for this study. Personal observation and oral interview was the technique used to elicit information. The results of respondents were calculated using simple percentage rating. It was observed that pottery objects amongst others objects were found listed second to the list. This therefore shows that pottery objects are not popular in public decoration. The study therefore recommends that more efforts should be made by potters and the education sector to revive this important area of aesthetic value.

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