Basilia O. Onwumere, Chinonye Prisca Ihekuna, Jessica Ogechi Johnson, Bons Obiadi, I. M. Onuorah


Southeast Nigeria lacks and needs an up-to-date fire service station. The impression and the general attitude of the public towards the services provided by the fire service agency are discouraging. People are still living in the past and without the knowledge of what the services of the agency are. They are used to seeing old and abandoned fire stations and fire apparatus without knowing what they are used for hence, the need for education and awareness of the services of the agency. The primary aim of this study is to bring to the attention of Enugu State, Federal Government of Nigeria and the people of the southeast region that, there is no Regional Fire Service and Fighting Station in the region. This study investigated inadequate fire service and fighting stations in southeast, Nigeria and the architectural solutions and policies to ameliorate the problems. The disciplinary focus area of this study is architecture as such; content base analysis was used and looked into previous studies done in the subject matter by different authors. Enugu, in Enugu State, has a fire service station located along Ogui Road opposite the NIPOST and built in the 1960's by the colonial masters. It was the first fire service station built by the colonial master which served the old eastern region and till date, it is still in its original state without modifications. The need for a modern day fire station in an area is a necessity and not to be negotiated because of the services they provide. A regional fire fighting station is needed in a region in order to provide fire fighting services, safety operations, improved health and wellness of the fire fighting personnel in that region. This paper recommends creating an inclusive environment for the staff, where they would have the opportunity to meet people from the community, exercise themselves and have the privilege of working in an environment with an eating establishment.

Key words: Enugu, population, congestion, fire outbreak, architecture, fire fighting

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